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Fasco 88 Epoxy Bottle Liquid

Fasco 88 Epoxy Bottle Liquid
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Epoxo-88BL (bottle liquid)-The EPOXO-BL has a consistancy similar to syrup so it may seep into cracks for better penetration and where a liquid may be more useful. It can be used for golf club repair, furniture repair, wooden railing, carburetor repair, repair plastic parts, broken parts in computers, adding machine, typewriters, electronics boards and repair glass antiques. Bonds to aluminum, glass, wood, metal, fiberglass, foam, and etc. Directions: squeeze equal parts beads of part 1 and part 2 on mixing board. Parts must be equal. Mix thoroughly to produce a uniform liquid with no streaks. Apply to clean, sanded surface, sets in 6 minutes. May be filed or sanded 10 minutes after application. Epoxo 88 has tremendous strength and adhesion. Will not shrink