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Fasco 103 LVX Epoxy Resin System

Fasco 103 LVX Epoxy Resin System
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We sell the 103LVX in different size kits. 103LVX will also come in easy to pour plastic bottles.

The size kits are as follows: 3 Pint kit, 3 Quart kit, 1.5 Gallon kit, and 3 gallon kits.


Warehouse docks, floors, sidewalks, walls, and general concrete application.
103-LVX can be mixed with sand to fill in large holes and cracks in concrete. It has enough strength to withstand heavy forklift traffic.
- For thin cracks or small holes, use 103-LVX as supplied.
103-LVX seals against leaks without shrinkage.

Making High Strength Epoxy Mortar:

* Mix 1 gallon of 103-LVX together with up to 3 gallons of 30-65 grade sand.
* Slope for drainage can be produced by using 103-LVX mortar.
* Gradations down to 1/8" can be produced without th cracking which would occur with concrete mortar.