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Fasco 26 Epoxy Fairing Compound

Fasco 26 Epoxy Fairing Compound
2.50 lbs
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12 Quarts per case

4 Gallons per case



A light weight compound for fairing surfaces of fiberglass, metal, wood, foam, masonry, and most plastics.

Fas-Fair 26 is a Fasco Faring Compound for filling dents, scratches, mars and surface imperfections of all kinds. It has the following outstanding characteristics:

  • Excellent adhesion to fiberglass, metal, foam, concrete, wood, and most plastics
  • Lightweight putty which can be applied on vertical surfaces in a thickness up to 3/8" without sagging
  • Easy sanding
  • Dries to glossy, impermeable surface
  • Fast setting - Can be sanded in 3 hours at 76 degrees F.


  • Filling in blisters in fiberglass boats
  • Filling dents in autos where superior adhesion is necessary and desirable
  • Faring rough surfaces prior to priming and painting                                           .
  • Protecting and faring Styrofoam surfaces
  • Lightweight epoxy glue
  • Filling cracks and crevices in concrete floors
  • Surfacing wood, fiberglass, aluminum and steel boats
  • Sealing dents in aircraft surfaces


Surface to be fared should be clean, dry and sanded.


Fas-Fair 26 is an equal part mix. Mix Part 1 and Part 2 together thoroughly until a uniform color is achieved with no streaks.                                                                                                                                         


A one-quart mass of mixed Fas-Fair 26 will gel in the mixing pot in 25 minutes at 76 degrees F. Higher temperatures will make it gel quicker and low temperatures will extend the pot life. Pot life also depends on the amount mixed. Thick mass gels fast - thin films take much longer to gel and cure.


Fas-Fair 26 may be applied by plastic spreader, trowel, or putty knife. It may be applied vertically, without sag, up to 3/8" per coat or horizontally as thick as desired.