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Fasco 54 Coal Tar Epoxy

Fasco 54 Coal Tar Epoxy
3.75 lbs
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Description & Uses:

Coal Tar Epoxy is a two-part high solids epoxy, containing coal-tar for the protection of substrates exposed to a corrosive atmosphere.It is typically used to coat storage tanks, pipelines, steel, and concrete bridge structures or in marine applications along the waterline or tidal zone where salt corrosion is prevalent.  It may be used to repair leaking pipes where corrosive materials are present. This product also has outstanding abrasion resistance.


  1. Surface to be coated should be clean and free of grease, wax, or oil.
  2. Mix two parts by volume of part 1 and one part pf part 2 thoroughly. Make sure Part 1 and Part 2 become a uniform color with no streaks; this will ensure a proper mix.
  3. Coal Tar may be applied using a squeegee, brush, roller or other means to spread an even coat across the surface. Spraying is not recommended. Never thgin with solvents or any other material

Coverage: 1 gallon does 112 sq ft at 10 mils dry film.

Color: Dries Black