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Fasco 9xs Super Steel Flex

Fasco 9xs Super Steel Flex
4.00 lbs
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100% solids. Superior chemical resistance. Excellent for Skydrol, Xylol, sulfuric acid, sea water, gasoline, diesel fuel etc. Good for gas and oil tank containment areas.

2:1 mix ratio Super Steelflex is an epoxy coating exhibiting the below remarkable characteristics:

  • Amazing hardness and abrasion resistance.
  • Superior chemical resistance over conventional epoxies and urethanes. Excellent resistance to skydrol, xylol, sulfuric acid, sea water, gasoline, diesel fuel, et cet.
  • Superior heat resistance - can be heated to 300 degrees Fahrenheit without charring.
  • Tenacious adhesion to aluminum, steel, fiberglass, and most plastics. Tensile strength exceeds 7000 psi.
  • 9XS Super Steelflex is a 100% solid coating. Everything in the cans becomes a part of the coating or casting. There is no evaporation and neglible shrinkage occurs during polymerization.


  • Tank Coatings - Chemical Resistance.
  • Garage Floors - Oil spills wipe up easily with no staining. Aggregate can be sprinkled into the wet finish to provide a non-skin surface when cured.
  • Industrial Floors - chemical and wear resistance.
  • Coating pumps and machinery for corrosion, resistance.
  • Many other uses where superior chemical corrosion, heat resistance and abrasion resistance is required.

Mixing: Mix 2 parts of 9XS Super Steelflex Resin to 1 part of 9XS Super Steelflex Hardener.