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Fasco 34 Epoxy Casting Resin

Fasco 34 Epoxy Casting Resin
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  • * Water Clear * Low Viscosity -- Thin like water!
  • * Slow set to allow for bubble release
  • * 100% solids -- Non-flammable
  • * Practically no fumes
  • * Virtually no shrinkage
  • * Castings are hard and tough
  • * Non-toxic after curing.

Mixing Ratio: 2 Parts Resin to 1 Part  Hardener 2:1

Set Time: Set time is determined by the size of the casting. Thin films take longer; sometimes as long as 48 hours. Large castings generate more heat and therefore set faster; possibly six hours or less. Exact set time for a particular casting can only be determined by experimentation.

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